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As many of you know this site promotes the original Dr. Simeons protocol from his book Pounds and Inches. For the mass majority this is the right protocol. When you are on protocol you should always feel good. Browse around and enjoy the tips and recipes and healthy products. We are here to teach that little choices made every day will change the way you eat and feel for years to come.

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One of the biggest menu mistakes we can make is eating a fat-free salad. Every vegetable salad (especially dark green leafy vegetables) should have a little fat added because … [Read More...]

Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast, which is also known as Brewer’s yeast, is a deactivated form of yeast that doesn’t foam or froth, making it different from the yeast you would use to make … [Read More...]

Basics for Phase 3

The goal of phase 3 is to find out which foods you are sensitive to. These are all just suggestions to help you get an idea of where to start.  You will need to be careful … [Read More...]


The best ingredients for our skin come from nature. We come into contact with so many man-made toxins every day, that the best way to heal ourselves is by learning from plants … [Read More...]

Spoil proof your produce!

Produce is expensive, especially organic. Here are a few quick tips to help your produce last longer. I remember my grandmother would store certain foods together, … [Read More...]

Detox by Rebounding

Rebounding is one of the healthiest forms of exercise and has numerous benefits. Rebounding stimulates the metabolism, burns calories and reduces body fat while increasing the … [Read More...]

New Products

Tart and tangy Sour Cherry Ice Chips© our newest flavor is bound to make you pucker with delight. $5.49 Click here Ice Chips®  candies, while healthy, sugar-free, and safe … [Read More...]

Steak Day on phase 3

If you are in Phase 3 or Phase 4 and you go over the 2 lb mark of you LIW, you must do a steak day that very day. The steak day is more effective when done the day you see the … [Read More...]

Every Cheat Counts

Every deviation counts on protocol and can set you back for days. Sometimes we cannot avoid things happening in life. Dr. Simeons stats that any deviation can show up at the … [Read More...]

Coffee Contest

What is your favorite healthy way to make your coffee taste great without adding all the chemicals in most creamers? Even those listed as sugar free, we know from experience … [Read More...]

The Hormone Cure

Come join the book club and learn all about those pesky hormones. Featuring The Hormone Cure, by Dr. Sara Gottfried. Book Description: ALL TOO OFTEN WOMEN ARE TOLD that … [Read More...]