Egg Day Phase 3

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Maintaining your weight is the key ingredient to success with any weight loss program.  We often wonder what triggers a gain and how do we stop it.  Dr Simeons give us a few key points to consider in Pounds and Inches.  You must realize it is a lifetime maintenance and not get complacent in your desire to maintain your hard earned weight loss.

An ex-patient should never gain more than two pounds without immediately correcting this, but it is equally undesirable that more than two lbs. he lost after treatment, because a greater loss is always achieved at the expense of normal fat. Any normal fat that is lost is invariably regained as soon as more food is taken, and it often happens that this rebound overshoots the upper two lbs. limit. Pounds and Inches

I am going to start a series on Correction Days and also a breakdown of all the important sections in Pounds and Inches.  I learn something every time I read it and think breaking it down in nuggets will help us master our results.

Part 1:  Correction Day= Egg Day

Having an egg day which I have personally tried and seen the results from can generate a 1-2 lb loss the next day.  Unlike the Steak Day you can eat all day long, but only eggs.  No fruits or vegetables allowed.   Eggs are the most balanced protein and fat available and is a natural diuretic.   You are allowed to add mayonnaise, butter, cheese and sugar free relish.  Eggs whites are better.  On my egg day I mixed it up with boiled eggs throughout the day with some yolk included, egg salad for lunch and a big omelet for dinner.  You can also have deviled eggs or try this easy poached egg recipe. I showed a negative release of 1.8 loss the next morning.   Total eggs should be around 8-12 eggs for the day. 


  1. Egg day… This is what I have been searching for! I don't eat red meat, so steak day is not an option for me. I am gonna try egg day instead. This is awesome. Thank you very much for sharing :-)

  2. leeskahcg says:

    I struggled with TOM and gained 3 lbs and over the course of the week tried a few steak days, that did work but then it didn't work on one occasion, and was introduced to correction days. Change it up a bit, and lost the 2lbs :) Egg day worked for me! Thanks!

  3. carolensminger says:

    I did this and lost 1.8 pounds! I thought I would try it since I wasn't 2 pounds over LDW. Yea! Thank you so much!

    • How often can you do an egg day. I need to lose 3 lbs. I got home from a trip and realized I was 3lbs over my 2lb limit.

      I am doing an egg day today but can I do them back to back or do I need to do a regular day in between?

  4. carolensminger says:

    I did this and lost 1.8 pounds! I thought I would try it since I wasn't 2 pounds over LDW. Yea! Thank you so much!

  5. Has anyone had success just eating protein of one type all day?

  6. carolensminger says:

    I have done many high protein days, mostly from different sources and always lost about .6 – .8. I did one day that was mainly chicken, but I lost more on an egg day.

  7. Thank you. I have lost as much as 3 lbs on egg only day. I was just looking for variety once in a while. Do you eat any vegetables or an apple on your protein day?

  8. carolensminger says:

    I usually have veggies, but not fruit on these days.

  9. Thank you for response.

  10. hcgshannon says:

    I am doing this today but adding cheese… is that bad?? Am I going to screw something up??

  11. carolensminger says:

    sorry for the delay. I had cheese on my eggs and I still did well. Hope you were successful too :)

    • Carol…I’ve read some confusing comments about stabilization I’m hoping you can answer.  I’m in about 1 1/2 weeks into stab.  3 lbs over 2 Lb limit.  Have been traveling (have stayed wtihin my 2 lbs) and even though they said NO, I know there was sugar in what i had for dinner last night.  So today I’m doing my first correction day with eggs.  Here are my questions:
      1) If I don’t get back within two LBS should I do another egg day tomorrow?  Or is there something else I should do?’
      2) When I get back within the two LBS of goal do I need to start my 21 days of stabilizing over again? Or do I just continue  from where I am?

  12. Ananetweb says:

    When you say egg salad, means that i can eat (Letuce, tomato), on egg day?
    So, you say no Veggies.
    I just want to be sure, what can i have for salad on egg day.
    Thank you.

  13. I just started Phase III yesterday. I didn’t eat any starches/pasta or potatoes and still gained 2.6 pds, can you overeat on phase III. I ate tuna with mayo pickles and onion for lunch and a taco salad for dinner.

  14. Thanks for yur great website Carol. I appreciate all of you great information. On the egg day, do you have to limit your water intake as you would on an apple day? Thanks for your help.

  15. Thanks for your help Shawna. I am on R1P3 Day 4 and my weight has continued to go up every day in this phase. I am doing the egg day today and hope that will correct it. I am up 3 lbs. from my LDW but I am also in the middle of my TOM so I don’t know if it’s the food or TOM. I have been logging my food and I’ve been on avg. about 1,100 cal/day and that’s a struggle to consume since I’m not really hungry. Do you think my gain could be due to not enough calories and fat? Yesterday I only logged 963 cals (25% protein, 60% fat, 15% carbs). Please help if you can. I really want to be successful on this plan. I lost 22 in R1P2 in 30 days. Thank you.

  16. Ok, last question I think. I checked out calorie count site and it shows I need to consume 1885 cal/day to maintain. So would this be something to shoot for…60% protein, 35% fat and about 5% carbs, then I should be ok???? I can’t thank you enough for your time.

    • I would be comfortable anywhere between 1500 and 1800 calories then.
      Everyone is different on their size,height etc that is why it is always
      better to check to see what your calorie count should be to maintain. You
      are obviously not getting enough which will cause your body to go into
      starvation mode and gain or hold onto the bad fats.. :) Go slow and drink
      lots of fluid. P3 is the best place to be..
      Shawna Culp
      Media Producer

  17. I need a weight correction day but I am concerned about consuming the amount of calories shown in the recommendations. I am a very small person but struggle with my weight and can easily reach 10+ over my ideal of 110 very quickly. Yesterday I consumed 1600 calories with 52% protein calories and gained 2lbs. in one day! What could be going on and how do I know how many calories to consume on protein day? I am terrified of gaining more today if I eat 2500 calories!

    On another occasion I had a 770 cal steak, 1 apple, the juice of one lemon, and 200 cal of wine and gained 2 lbs. Does that make sense?

    Last question, how many oz. is a “huge steak”?!

    • Anonymous says:

      I didn’t count calories on my steak days. I just ate a steak that was huge and ate what I could. I had to do a steak day on my first round and I wasn’t sure I did it right, but the next day I was down over 2 lbs, so it worked.

      When I did a protein day I stayed within the 1500 calories but ate things that were high in protein.

      You may have a gain because a certain food you ate was one of the ones your body don’t like, or maybe TOM is coming?

      • I am post-men; maybe 5 triscuits can cause a problem? Only 130 calories…well, I am trying egg day today.

        I noticed a small amount of mayo is allowed on egg day but I can’t find any mayo with less than 1g of sugar. Is it ok to use a small amount of that?

  18. I posted a question about gaining weight on steak day and concern over the number of calories suggested on weight correction days. I noticed an email confirmation that showed me as unregistered but that is because I forgot my onine ID. I hope you will stil answer! How do I find out my online ID that I used to register?

    Thank you!

    • Interesting you asked this. I just did a steak day yesterday and stepped on the scale this morning to see a 2 lb gain!! I don’t think I’ll ever do another steak day!

  19. Another question for you…Why is Ezekiel bread allowed during P3? Thanks for your help! You guys are awesome!

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s not made with flour so it’s not a starch. type in Ezekiel into the search field and you will see a few of my tips talk about this as well as some recipes. Enjoy … guilt free :)

  20. The only correction day in Phase 2 is the Apple Day which is actually geared
    towards stalls not gains. Check your journal and eat clean the next two
    days, drink lots of water as it could be water retention if you haven’t
    cheated and stay on course. One into the P3 your goal will be to stabilize
    your last dose weight for 3 weeks straight with no fluctuations 2+ up or
    below your LDW. You could continue and do the 43 days if you are wanting to
    lose more weight.

    Shawna Culp
    Media Producer

  21. Carol, Is there anyway you could email me some of your P3 menus? The reason is that I know you mentioned that we should be trying to eat about 60% protein everyday. I am having the hardest time getting that much protein in daily. I’m R1P3D17 and I seem to have stabilized. I have been the same weight for about 5 days now. I would like to get more protein in though. Thank you. This website has been such a great source of information for me since I’m a relative newcomer to HCG.

  22. I ended up gaining on my egg day :-( which was yesterday

    I was up 2lbs from LIW and am now 2.4 above

    I had 3 scrambled eggs with a slice of swiss cheese and three hard boiled eggs for dinner. I can’t believe I gained. Any advice? I guess I have to do a steak day today.

  23. My first egg day (last wednesday) I lost more than 1lb. :) Then I had to do another one a couple days later and I GAINED (!) more than 1 lb. So then I did a steak day and lost .8. and had a regular day yesterday and gained 1lb. I am so confused! I have been feeling sick and think I might have an ear infection (could that be messing up my weight?). I am doing another egg day today and hope it works like it did the first time. I am currently 3.6lb over my LDW. I don’t know what to do.

    • Your body is probably retaining fluid because you are sick. I would eat
      clean for a few days p2 type foods, fruits and veggies only and still
      average 1500 calories. Make sure your fluid intake is adequate at 2 liters
      per day. This should resolve itself. Our bodies retain fluid when
      something else is going on like sickness, pms or menstrual cycle is near.

      Shawna Culp

      • Thank you so much, Shawna. I will do what you said. And also see a doctor for some antibiotics today. I hope medicine won’t mess up my weight. thank you :)

  24. Randirandom says:

    Can you use Light Miracle whip as the mayo for the egg day??? Its all I have

  25. Netti_wild says:

    can i do 2 egg days in a row?

    • Yes but you might not get as good of results the second day. How much are
      you over LDW and are you pms or on your monthly cycle? This can cause you
      to retain up to 5 lbs of temporary fluid. Egg days are a great natural

      Shawna Culp

  26. ksmcconnell says:

    Can you drink coffee on egg days?

    • ? Good question, I don’t know what the specific rules are but I drink coffee everyday :) I love egg day and always have great results including with coffee and tea

      Shawna Culp

      • ksmcconell says:

        Thank you Shawna. I did an egg day today…felt a little like Cool Hand Luke. But I did it. Eggs only (with salt and pepper) until dinner when I had scrambled eggs with a little cheddar cheese. I feel really bloated and just got on the scale and it is 131 and feel like crying (My LDW = 126). But, it’s a night weight. Also I had coffee and tea with Stevia. Hope that’s o.k. If not, I’ll do a steak day tomorrow if I show no release. Oy. P3 is hard! Especially when Thanksgiving happens in the middle of it!!

      • ksmcconell says:

        Thank you Shawna. I did an egg day today…felt a little like Cool Hand Luke. But I did it. Eggs only (with salt and pepper) until dinner when I had scrambled eggs with a little cheddar cheese. I feel really bloated and just got on the scale and it is 131 and feel like crying (My LDW = 126). But, it’s a night weight. Also I had coffee and tea with Stevia. Hope that’s o.k. If not, I’ll do a steak day tomorrow if I show no release. Oy. P3 is hard! Especially when Thanksgiving happens in the middle of it!!

  27. Thank you for your diligence to correct information in supporting this reclaimation of our lives.

  28. I am going to try an egg day but was wondering if I could have unlimited hot drinks with cream like you can during steak days? After the holidays I am trying to get back to my LIW. I’m 10 over, yikes!

  29. Back again needing a correction day. Today is my first day of P4. I hadn’t weighed myself for the last couple days (lesson learned) and am up 4 pounds (yikes) from my LDW. I did an egg day today. Is it o.k. to do a steak day tomorrow? Or should I wait a day.

    (Drinking lots of water, detox tea, and it’s almost my TOM.)

  30. ok I did wonderful no cheats on this diet until yesterday… unforessen circumstances left me where I had to cheat…. then today I did not do the diet because my drops ran out they will b here 2 morrow Mon or Tues. I really do not know what to do to get back on track yesterday was my d16 of vlcd and I still am 12 pounds shy of my goal weight.. Please any suggestions

  31. Shauna I have a question: According to Pounds and Inches, the Steak Day is:
    Two eggs in AM, steak for lunch, steak for dinner, followed by a helping of cheese”. However, why do I read from so many sites that Steak Day is only one steak for dinner with a raw tomato? I’ve recently gained a few lbs on P4 and need some direction so I don’t mess up and further!

    What is the correct way in your opinion to do a Steak Day and if it is different that Pounds and Inches, why?

  32. I have used a few of these alternative corrections days.. Egg day is my favorite.. Being in phase 4 you will do fine with any of them.. Check correction day link on right side under categories :)

    Shawna Culp

  33. Hi Carol!
    Is this correction day – egg day to be done instead of a steak day in P3.

  34. The day you describe is a day to correct protein deficiency. A steak day is nothing but coffee or water all day, then the biggest steak you can eat with a small apple OR tomato for dinner.
    As Dr. Simeons said in Pounds and Inches:
    “As long as their weight stays within two pounds of the weight reached on the day of the last injection, patients should take no notice of any increase but the moment the scale goes beyond two pounds, even if this is only a few ounces, they must on that same day entirely skip breakfast and lunch but take plenty to drink. In the evening they must eat a huge steak with only an apple or a raw tomato.”

  35. I’m doing an egg day today. I’m planning on having an omelet for dinner Can I put onions and peppers in the omelet or is that a no,no. what did you put in your omelet?

    Thanks so much for your great tips!

    • Onions would be ok.. Skip peppers for now.. I did boiled eggs for breakfast, egg salad for lunch with mustard and a little very little mayo.. Omelet for dinner but can’t remember what I put in it.. Should say on egg day what is allowed to add :) it’s been a long while since I have done one lol

      Shawna Culp

  36. Mandielledge says:

    I’m up 10 pds since the holidays and am really angry with myself for going overboard. Doing an Egg day today but I am wondering if I need to do another round of injections. I sure hope not.

    • You might be able to correct it but 10 lbs is a lot so see how you are after a week and then decide :)

      Shawna Culp

    • Anonymous says:

      10 is a lot over a short period. Were you in P3? Did you maintain for at least 3 weeks solid? If your body was set then it should come right off through correcting. After your egg day you may want to do some detoxing and eating really clean.

      • Mandielledge says:

        I’ve been in p4 since sept. and maintained ok with a slow increase here and there. I did maintain within 2lbs for three weeks. I just went crazy starting around Thanksgiving. What type of detoxing and eating clean are you talking about? Thanks so much

        • Anonymous says:

          Look in the Marketplace. There are a few detox supplements. Either Michael’s or Fist Cleanse – but don’t do the Advanced one if it’s your first time. Eating clean would be eating all the foods that don’t trigger a gain for you. A lot of veggies, mainly green, leafy veggies. Eat a few eggs per day ( the yokes help cleanse the liver), drink some lemon juice frist thing in the morning and Apple Cider Vinegar before your meals. I also suggest to remove dairy from your diet. Also, read through my quick tips. You will see a link on the right column under Categories. I have a few detox and liver cleaning tips there. The liver is our main fat burning organ, so it’s important that we clean it.

          • Maryisnotcontrary says:

            How much lemon juice? and how much ACV? I’m at R2P3D51. I think i have used the correction days a little too much when i would eat poorly and wasn’t happy with my weight, but I was less than 2lbs over the set point. Now I’m having a real hard time doing any correction day faithfully all day. I am sure the answer for me is to eat more cleanly and be more patient with hormonal increases, etc. I’m premenopausal so my hormones are unpredictable. I still have about 15-20 lbs to lose on Round 3, but I am sure I need to wait until I am truly and comfortably, stabilized. I really am SO amazed that this has worked so well. I lost 50lbs since December and just yesterday was the first time i went over the 2lb mark. Thanks for the WEALTH of information you are making available to us all!

          • You are not limited on the amount of lemon and ACV. Stay focused. You have done so well!

    • KravMagaGirl says:

      Mendielledge – have you had any luck getting the 10 lbs off? I was stable for 2 months, then went crazy last month with lots of beer and carbs and gained about 6 lbs. Doing an egg day today and wondering what I should do to get this weight off. I want to fit back in my clothes!!

  37. Kitty Newton says:

    I am doing hhcg drops…they work great and I dont have a problem when I am on P2, but when I go into P3 and 4, I immediately start gaining. I am not sure I can figure out the proper amount of fat(which is what I think I dont get) and possible the amount of protein right. It is so hard to get it out of your mind the dont eat fat and only just a timy bit of protein that I have been programed to do. Fill up on veggies I was always told…but never the less, I seem to be stuck at this weight I am now. I know its not what I should weigh because I am still at least 100 lbs over weight. I know its all my fault…I just want to get a handle on this…

  38. Hi Kitty:

    In phase 3 and phase 4 we always increase our protein and stabilize our
    weight by eating clean p2 type foods at first but just more of them to get
    our calories in. We will add in some dairy slowly and then progress from
    there. If you enter p3 slowly and let your body adjust to the changes you
    will see a huge difference in the process. Let me know if you have any
    questions I can help you with.

    Shawna Culp
    Media Producer

  39. While doing an egg day can you drink as much Tea with heavy cream as you want or do you have to limit the amount?

  40. Yes I always have with no issues and always a loss :)

    Shawna Culp

  41. Mandielledge says:

    I have decided to do another round. My question is this, If I reach my goal in 7 to 10 days, what do I do for the remaining days. I don’t want to loose too much and I think you have to go the whole 23 or so days.

    • You would normally need 23 days to get the last 7-10 off as it takes longer for the last 5 :) took me 43 days to lose my last 10.. I would not worry about losing too much weight our bodies know when to stop whether we do or not.

      Shawna Culp

  42. Country Cinderella says:

    I did my second egg day today and my stomach feels upset and is hurting. Eggs have never affected me this way before. Oh man it’s worse than morning sickness. Don’t know if I can face another eggs after this. Does anyone else have this problem. I am down right miserable.

    • try an antiacid or pepto.. or a calming tea..

      Shawna Culp

      • Country Cinderella says:

        Thank you Shawna….. I will try an antiacid if I ever do another egg day. I was down 2.8 # when I weighed in!!!!! I am so glad there is an alternative to steak days. Steak is not my thing. I’m back on track an hopefully will not indulge to that extent again. Thanks a bunch.

        • i am on my last 8 days of injections and i cheated and gained 4 pounds. I want to do the egg day but with only egg whites. Can I do that? and how many am I suppose to have?

          • Yes Laura but you will likely need a lot of them to stay comfortable. it is normally 8-10 eggs at 70 cal each.. each egg white is only 17

  43. I see several posts including reference to TOM, but nothing specifically addressing PMS weight gain and correction days. I did one round of hCG very successfully and then completed the 21 day no starch/sugar phase three weeks ago. I only had to do a correction day once in that phase. I gradually started adding healthy starches and limited sugar three weeks ago. The first week was great with easy maintenance, however, the past two weeks I’ve been almost 2 lb above my last injection set weight mark and have been over it two times this week. (Today is my second correction day this week!)

    Typically, I gain 2-3 lbs of water weight before TOM and it just doesn’t seem healthy to correct several times over that week – 10 day period. Is there any kind of “grace” for PMS weight? How do we know what it is? I’m very strict with following the protocol and correct even if I am one or two ounces over the mark. I want to maintain the weight loss! Any advice or other people with the same challenge?

  44. Anonymous says:

    If the weight gain is due to PMS/TOM then don’t stress over it because you will lose it when it’s over. The main thing is to not cheat and stick to healthy foods.

  45. WINGSOFHOPE says:


  46. Sundrabrown69 says:

    I tried the egg day yesterday, as I was up 3 lbs. I ate a total of 10 eggs yesterday, and I lost 3 lbs this morning! I don’t eat any red meat, so I wondered how effective the egg day would be, this was fantastic.

  47. Joanne McDonald says:

    Hi, Im on R1P3D19. Today was the first day that i was over my LIW by .8 lbs. Im thinking now im having to much dairy (cheese cake, yogurt, cream in my omelete & coffee, berries & cream, etc.) I was wondering if i do the egg day can i put crm in my omelete? Also how do you know when you have stabilized? my weight has been up an down the last 19 days.
    Thanks Joanne

  48. Psalm91woman says:

    I am trying to find out if you can have heavy cream on an egg correction day?

  49. I am up lbs since my last drops so I am doing an egg day tomorrow! Sure hope it comes off!!! 

  50. Spinaltone says:

    What about doing 2 egg days in a row if the gain is over 2 lbs???  I gained 6 lbs over 6 days.  I had my scale with me, however it wasn’t accurate where I was able to use it.

  51. Hello Shawna! Thank you for your article. I have been taking HHCG, and I lost 23 pounds. I started stalling so decided to move to P3, but during those 3 days of transition, I felt INTENSELY HUNGRY, and didn’t maintain P2 foods and ate sugar (chocolate) and Fiber one bars (starch), and lots of peanut butter. On the first day, I gained 1 pound, the second, I gain 3 pounds, so I’m up 4 pounds from my last drop day. I’m so upset and don’t want to gain. My period should come in a few days so I feel this is contributing to the hunger…will an egg day work? I hope so…and can I cook with maybe Smart Balance butter? or Olive oil for the eggs? I was reading prior posts and saw that you wouldn’t recommend two egg days in a row…I just don’t know if I can bear the steak day and starving myself the entire day…do you think I should do an egg day and wait a couple of days eating P2 foods, then trying another egg day?

    • email me and will get you on track

      Shawna Culp

      • I tried the egg day and lost 2.4 lbs…..hopefully I can stabilize or no? I am upping my calories to 1200 as this will be my first day into Phase 3, Maintenance…does this sound alright? I am having mostly protein and veggies, but a little fat free ranch and a little peanut butter…

      • Shawna,
        I was looking for a post similar to Liza above.  I’m R2, P3 day four.  I vacationed this weekend and drank alcohol (no mixers) but a couple of beers and wine over the past 3 days. I also ate a piece of pizza (only 1) and a few bites of chocolate (post alcohol – bad girl, I know). As you might imagine, I’m up this a.m. (and very regretful – i was PERFECT in P3 last time!).
        So, LDW 133, today (4days P3) 137/138. I see the egg day alternative – it’s 12:15 – I can make it all day with coffee/water only – What do you find to be the BEST – Steak day or egg – and if steak – which exact version – with tomato or apple?  Help -I’m desperate to undo my mistake and get back on track!?  Thanks so much for your help!

  52. rojobarnes says:


  53. Heyjami says:

    Did an egg day yesterday but didn’t think to exclude my avocado toppings I usually put on my omelets!  Didn’t hurt – I lost 1.8 lbs for this morning’s weigh in!  Now I’m just 2.8 lbs over my LDW but I’m sure a few days of P3 eating will get me where I need to be – if not I’ll do a steak/cheese or steak day.  I’m going to email you guys about the unusual heartburn I had during my egg day.  I got the detox tea last night and I’m having it today.

  54. Heyjami says:

    Did an egg day yesterday but didn’t think to exclude my avocado toppings I usually put on my omelets!  Didn’t hurt – I lost 1.8 lbs for this morning’s weigh in!  Now I’m just 2.8 lbs over my LDW but I’m sure a few days of P3 eating will get me where I need to be – if not I’ll do a steak/cheese or steak day.  I’m going to email you guys about the unusual heartburn I had during my egg day.  I got the detox tea last night and I’m having it today.

  55. Do you do this after you’ve done the full 23 days and enter the first 3weeks or can you do this during the 23 days?

  56. Lilgrmngrl24 says:

    How much cheese is okay to add into a egg day? I’m up 3 pounds from my LWD. How many eggs should I eat whole and how many should be egg whites only? Do you have any more egg recipes other than the poached and deviled? Thank you so much! Also, how many days do I need to weigh the same before being considered stable? I don’t know what we would do without you guys.

  57. I’ve been on this for 10 days and the last 4 days I have not lost anything, What do I need to do. I feel like I am loosing inches.

    • Email me and lets look at what you are doing exactly or fill out the support form on the right side of the blog.

      Shawna Culp
      Media Producer

    • says:

      check your inches . remember this is pounds and inches. i have been on 10 day also lost 10 pds. and7”s . i stalled twice but lost inches get out your tape.

  58. Egg days work great and you can eat them throughout the day without fasting

  59. Ipetrusma says:

    On an egg day are you still allowed to drink 2 – 3 litres of water. 

  60. I would do one correction day and then eat clean. Do not do back to back correction days. I would start over unless the gain is do to hormones pms/ovulation.

  61. Daveandpamsjolund says:

    Great info, thanks!

  62. Im new on here and thought i could figure this out on my own but really need help please..Im on r2p3d9 this is my problem..On r1 of the hcg i did wonderful..never needed any correction days it was perfect..went into ph4 and still did my dilema is this,,So i did good onr2ph2 lost 25 pounds..went onto ph3 where im at now and i cant stabilize at all,,im always going up and i dont understand why,,Im doing the same thing i did in r1ph3 thought i had it all figured out taking in less calories as i have lost 45 punds so far and thought that would help but nope…Im up 4 pounds from my ldw and am sticking to this diet 100% and dont get it,,Did a egg correction day today so i will see what the scale says in the tired of doing correction days..seems what ever i eat im up in weight makes no sense,,sample of my day..i have 2 eggs and 2 pieces of bacon with no sugar in it for breaky with my tea, snack;couple tbsp, greek god yogart with 1 tbsp blueberries, lunch ; a big salad with cheese in it and i use olive oil and vinigar dressing agin no sugar in it..snack;;some veggies like broc and califlower supper.chicken, cauliflower mash made with butter little sour cream, a small salad.. i drink between 3 to 4 liters of water every day..what am i doing wrong,,can someone help me please..get me on the right ready to give up on this round but have come to far..just need a little guidance,,appreciate all your help,,

  63. Hi
    Tomorrow is my last day of injection , but
    Last three days being stuck same weight.
    I’m doing a steak day , is that ok?
    I want to loose a bit more before P3


  64. Hello:) I am on day 6 of the HCG diet (so day 4 of phase 2)… i have lost 7.2lbs!! :) ..however, my birthday is in less than 2 weeks and i know i will cheat…am i suppose to get off the HCG drops for the day? or do i continue taking them? help!!! I dont want to regress to the point of no return..any suggestions??? thanks

  65. Happylark134 says:

    HI. I recently completed a short round of 14 days to use up my remaining HCG. I only had about 3 pounds more to lose and I did. I am now in P3 and seem to have stabilized at 1 pound over my finished weight. I never went over by more than a pound. Just wondering why correction days are only for a 2 pound gain- I was thinking of doing one to lose this annoying pound!

    • Correction days are hard on our bodies, so I don’t jump up and down with them. I also feel that most of the weight lost slowly comes back so it makes them frustrating. I prefer eating clean and doing other means to get off some weight. If you only want to get off a pound, there is a lot you can try. You can eat more dark green leafy vegetables. I find when I eat salad mixed with spinach, I loose some weight. I also find when I increase my protein, some weight drops off. This is hard on our system, so not recommended for more than a few days. You can do a version of the steak day by having some eggs for breakfast, a big salad for lunch with steak strips and then for dinner have a big piece of steak with spinach on the side. You should see a loss with this. I believe in doing little things to bring the weight down and being patient is better than correction days. 

  66. Jeaninemeyers says:

    Can I have cottage cheese on an egg day?

  67. Lynnone22 says:

    ok I was doing my last 72 hours of the VLCD the last day for drops was on a sunday and I took 6 drops only 24 hours into it I was extremely hungry my sugar got a little low and I was delirious. I called the company that sold me the drops and the told to go straight to P3 and I had nothing at my job and the cafe was closed only the venting machinces were left so I got trail mix and couldn’t resist eating the raisins and the rest of the nuts and I got a fiber one bar with the chocolate (shame shame) and then I got home and ate almond butter and sugarless yogurt with goiji berries and roasted soy beans the next mornig I woke up .8 over my two pound window I did a steak day and then that got me about 1.4 down then I had a regular P3 day except I had cheese with my tuna salad and ranch dressing then I got home and ate chicken with veggies in a sugar free tomato sauce and I was snacking on the soy and goji berries and I previously had almonds as a snack couple hours after lunch I had 3 cups of almond milk and maybe a cup or more of greek yogurt with blue berries rasberrys and the soy goji mix woke up this morning and I was 4 pounds more now I’m doing a egg day cause the steak make me feel bloated am I doomed for my poor choices will I get back to 125?

    • Anonymous says:

      Sounds like your foods are out of control for you P3 day. I think you need to take a step back and review what you need to do for P3 and not do all these correction days. they are not healthy on our system and it really doesn’t solve the root of the issue. Have you read our P3 guides? Have you looked at my videos on P3? If you step back and re think your choices, it is not too late to pick up the pieces and get back on track! Do some reading/homework and then contact us through the contact form if you’d like some more help getting back on track. 

  68. Deb O'Hara says:

    Looking at doing an egg day. Can I have heavy cream in my coffee and what about coconut oil? 

  69. suanne says:

    I am going to do an egg day as I am way over my LIW 6.6 lbs.I know this might not get me back into my 2 lb over weight( 131) what other protein day could I do? Steak?
     Can I drink the apple cider vinegar/stevia? I know this

  70. Patriciadwillis says:

    Hi. This says part 1.  Where is Part 2
    Patricia D

  71. Valencia Culbreath says:

    Can you do all egg whites for the egg day and get your fat from cheese with the eggs?

  72. Sharris1229 says:

    so you can’t do this in 500 VLCD right?

  73. It is wrong to say you can add mayonnaise. Mayonnaise has sugar in it and should be avoided.

  74. Laurie Harvie says:

    I am on phase 3 and was really bad. I had a bun with my soup yesterday and today I was up 3lbs!!! I have been so faithful as to not have any sugar, carbs or starches, but that stupid bun had stared me down. Thanks for the egg day… I really cant stand steak. I hope it will help shed these 3lbs!!

  75. My goal is 130 I’m at 133 and can’t sem to get rid of the last pounds I did an appke day lost a pound and got stuck again ! I’m frustrated. I’d like to get down to 120 but it seems impossible at this point since I can’t get rid of 3 pounds.

  76. merpounds says:

    I am doing an egg day today. If I dont lose the 2.4 lbs that I gained overnight, can I do another egg day or chicken day?? Basically…can I do TWO correction days in row?

    • It’s not recommended, you will be surprised egg days are very effective unless the gain is hormonal pms/ovulation which they are usually no effective or recommended during those times

  77. There are no correction days in p2. What caused the gain? It is best to get on perfect protocol, lemon water and detox tea and get extra sleep it will come back off

  78. Hi, I am not sure if this site is still monitored but I have a question about stabilizing in p3. My weight went 3 lbs up one day so far and I am over 2 weeks in to stabilizing. Now I am 1.8 lower then my last weight from P2. I am wondering if I need to have 21 days that I am within the 2 lb range or if I need to restart P3 from the day that I had to do my correction day.


    • If it is your final round I would restart and spend as much time stabilizing as necessary to really set the weight.

      • Michelelynne says:

        I just did my final round and am in the 2nd week of P3. I totally messed up and am up 5 pounds. I did a steak day today and plan to eat clean the rest of the week and do another correction day if needed, hopefully getting back down to where I was when I started my P3. My question is this: You mentioned spending as much time stabilizing as necessary. Are you saying that if I restart P3 that I can still get my weight to stabilize if I do it right? I was wondering if the fact that I cheated (sugar and starch) in my first two weeks of P3 will actually keep me from stabilizing.

  79. Help!!!!!! I lost 28 pounds in 32 days on hcg drops ( not homeopathic). I cheated only one time in the diet and that was on my 2 transition day where you no longer take hcg. The next day I did an apple day becaise we had to go out of town and the only thing available to me was apples. ( I didn’t think that would harm anything at all. After my cheat day I gained 1.4lbs which I expected. After the apple day I gained an addition .4 pounds, thinking that was still probably from my cheat day. Yesterday I just started my phase 3 and ate NO starch or surgar. I got on the scale today and gained an additional 3 pounds!!!! What should I do??? Go back on HCG for another week? Do a steak day or egg day and continue to try to stabilize? Desperate for any help!

  80. Help!!!!!! I lost 28 pounds in 32 days on hcg drops ( not homeopathic). I cheated only one time in the diet and that was on my 2 transition day where you no longer take hcg. The next day I did an apple day becaise we had to go out of town and the only thing available to me was apples. ( I didn’t think that would harm anything at all. After my cheat day I gained 1.4lbs which I expected. After the apple day I gained an addition .4 pounds, thinking that was still probably from my cheat day. Yesterday I just started my phase 3 and ate NO starch or surgar. I got on the scale today and gained an additional 3 pounds!!!! What should I do??? Go back on HCG for another week? Do a steak day or egg day and continue to try to stabilize? Desperate for any help!

  81. Can you eat chocolate delight with just coconut oil, cocoa, & stevia at all on a correction day like steak or egg day? Thanks!

  82. I’ve been reading the posts about he egg day. I am not understanding some things. I am on my first round of HCG. My wt loss has really slowed down. So is it ok for me to do an egg day? I am not allowed mayo or cheese or relish on my food plan right now…but I read that it is allowed on egg day. Is that ok for me to consume? I wanted to do this tomorrow…but wondering if I will get an answer very soon….HELP!

  83. Candace says:

    Hello, I am on p2 day 19 and had a stall for 2 days then lost 1.4 the next day but this morning I gained a pound :(. I have been reading your threads and was wondering if I could do an egg day on p2 or is that a p3 thing only? I would also like to tell you all congrats on your loses and that you are all amazing for deciding to make this lifestyle change. Hcg is a lifestyle and taking that step takes courage so way to go! Keep up the great work!

  84. I did very well on P2 and lost 16 lbs. now on my 3rd week of P3 and still struggling . I have now gained back 5 lb. I have trouble with the correction days and think I would do better just not eating anything for a day. Is it necessary to have the protein or would I correct faster by totally fasting?

  85. This is so perfect for me especially since Im on a budget and steaks can get pricey..

  86. Katherine Matthews says:

    I am on hcg Ph.3 Week 2. I have gained 2 lbs over my LWD and yesterday did an egg day but only lost .4 lbs so disappointing.
    I ate: 2 fried eggs in a lick of butter, 2 boiled eggs lunch, 2 boiled eggs with 1 tbs low fat/sugar mayo dinner. and 1 egg for snack .
    I drank 11 – 8oz cups of water, one cup coffee with 2 Tbsp original Almond breeze milk and stevia

    Thats it. Could the almond milk be the problem. It contains small amounts of tapioca starch but way down the list.

    Should I do another one today? I am back down to my limit of 138lbs. BUT don’t want it to sneak up again.
    Also: are almonds good protein on a protein day?

    My study so far Im getting that high protein day is only proteins high? HOw much fat ratio to protein on these high protein days?
    Can you jot down list of the best foods to eat on high protein day? Eggs, almonds, steak, …etc

    Thanks so very much.


    • almonds would be considered fat not a protein, so avoid nuts especially on protein days. also nuts are a trigger and can cause gains as many are sensitive to them during phase 3. when was your last period? Usually when you do not see a loss from a correction day it is hormone based gain Feel free to email me at for further assistance and take a closer look

  87. If I’m doing the egg day can I still have coffee and stevia or just eggs and water? What if this doesn’t bring me back down under two pounds?

  88. Do I have to start my three weeks over again if I went up two pounds? If so do I start when it goes back down the full two pounds?

    • Colleen it is only if you go over 2+ lbs that you need a correction day. If it is due to hormones no correction is necessary and you do not need to start over.

      • I’m sorry, I did go over the two pounds. I think this might be because TOM is coming. I’m not 100% sure if it’s due to hormones.

  89. Colleen says:

    I’m sorry, I did go over the two pounds. I think this might be because TOM is coming. I’m not 100% sure if it’s due to hormones.

  90. Hi Am loving the sound of an egg day for phase 3 correction. Can I do an egg day after a steak day I am 3.5 lbs over LIW? Starting to get nervous as I put on the weight as soon as I started Phase 3. Now it’s a week later and clean eating shows no shift. I want to get it sorted before this becomes my set weight. Thank you.

  91. Joanne Brown says:

    Hi Carol,

    When doing a egg correction day, it’s mentioned to eat 10 to 12 eggs, does this include the entire egg or do I only eat the whites? That is a lot of eggs to consume with the yolks? Also can I have any veggies with this correction day?


  92. If I do a correction day instead of a steak day, do I have to start the three weeks over again?

  93. I’m 16 days in and down 30lbs. I get fatigued very quickly and food is grossing me out however, I crave carbs and sugars. I just had a small box of raisins and hope is does not screw me up. I have been sticking with green veggies and steak or chicken grilled only. Not a big apple fan but I know I can’t keep this up much longer. Eggs sound like they may help me but I’d never heard of that so I’m worried it would break the protocol. I probably should mention that I am doing the injections. Tips for simple snacks or alternative meals would be great. I really want to stick with this but it’s hard. Steve

    • Steve- Eggs are an alternative. Dr S recommends not losing more than 34 lbs so you may need to stop at 23 days.. it sounds like you are not getting in all your calories. I would double check your portions and feel free to send your menu for review. Adding B complex and magnesium will also help with fatigue

  94. If I’m up 4 lbs because I cheated, and it’s been 2 days since the scale has moved, but then go down a pound the next day, can I still do egg day to catch up?

    • yes and then detox for the rest of the week to get this settled down. I would recommend starting p3 stabilization time frame over and reset for 21 days.

  95. Can an Egg Day be done in P2?


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