High Fat Correction Day on P3

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This is part 4 of the Alternative Correction Days (ACD) series. I have been testing these myself and logging the results and checking for any consequences in the three day window that follows. I am actually having success with each of these with an average of 1-2 lb loss. The goal is to not vary. If you are doing an egg day then only do eggs. Today we are going to discuss high fat correction day.

You will want to concentrate on healthy fats such as oil, nuts or avocado. The ratio for the high fat ACD is 80% fat/15% protein/5% net carbs. You will want to use a food calculator such as FitDay to get the right calculations. This will calculate to 70 grams of protein, 225 grams of fat and 25-35 net carbs.

On my high fat correction day I concentrated on keeping it a P2 day but added in fats such as nuts and oils and mixed my veggies. I recorded a 1.8 loss the next morning.

The alternative correction days seem to work great.  I am 4 for 4 with great results.  Egg Day has been my favorite.  These are all similar to Dr. Simeons Steak Day in Pounds and Inches. 


  1. Awesome! I actually did something really similar yesterday. I ate just over 2,000 calories with 87% from fat, 6% carb and 7% protien. This moring I was down .4lbs. Not a ton but this was immediatly after a chicken day where I lost 1lb. :) Just the fact that I ate over 2,000 calories and LOST weight is pretty cool!

  2. I did the egg day, and steak and cheese day , with sucess.. Glad your tracking this and having great results. :)

  3. shannonsperte says:

    I am loving these alternative correction days because I imagine that I'll be weighing myself for the rest of my life and will want to correct if the scale creeps up a bit too much.

  4. Shannon I have been trying them all that is why there is the gap between
    posting them. Have to wait for a gain. :) They do all seem to be
    effective. I think Pounds & Inches being written in 1954 do many years ago
    is just the basics of diet. I am willing to step out for the good of all
    and try some of these if they are not too far out in left field.

  5. Allison Osburn says:

    On days I've needed to correct I've tried high fat days, like eating yogurt made from whole raw cream, and keeping the carbs to the bare minimum and I've seen as much as a 2.2 loss overnight when I've done this! It works!!!

  6. Thanks Allison I have tried all the alternative correction days and they all
    seem to work well. :)

  7. Justtakefive says:

    “You will want to concentrate on healthy fats such as oil, nuts or avocado.”

    Are you saying do a day with all three of these or just one? Can't imagine an 'oil' day.

  8. Can you use these during the VLCD days or are these only for maintenance?

  9. These are p3 correction day alternatives. The only vlcd is Apple Day according to P&I :)

    Shawna Culp

  10. I would really love a sample menu of how to eat on that day. I have tried the chicken and egg correction days with success. I just don’t get what to eat on this day.

  11. Justtakefive says:

    I, too, Rebecca, would like to see a specific sample menu of what foods would make up a high fat day. Any help out there?

  12. I will see if I can pull a menu together for you guys :)

    Shawna Culp
    Media Producer

  13. You said you kept it a P2 day but added in fats like nuts and oils. Does that mean you had a 500 calorie day while eating high fat food?

  14. as recommended in Dr Simeons Pounds & Inches, are you recommending fasting until dinner time (skipping breakfast and lunch per P&I) for these alternate correction days? I would think this is an important factor in most effective correction days, otherwise Dr S would not have written that in his protocol for ‘steak day’ correction day.
    thanks in advance for your opinions on this…


  15. Any hints as to a sample menu for this correction day? That would be so fantastic!

    I love the alternative correction days – I’ve used the egg day and the apple & cheese day successfully and love that I don’t have to starve all day!

    Thanks for posting all of these :)

  16. When do you do a high fat correction day????

    • All correction days are for phase 3 when you go over 2 lbs. This is not my
      favorite. I prefer the steak or egg day. The chicken day works well too.

      Shawna Culp

  17. Amanda in SD says:

    I desperately need help! I’m on my 7th week in R1P3, and I can’t seem to stabilize. With but one cheat day on cocoa crack three weeks ago, plus starting up too fast with calories in the very beginning, I have watched every calorie, every protein and every fat and carb that goes into my body. I haven’t cheated but the once, and I have been floating and experimenting with caloric intake from 1500 to 2100 calories. I never eat past 6 pm, and I drink at least 18 glasses of water/day.

    I’m 5’4 and my LDW was 122.6 lbs, which I haven’t seen since. Today, I’m at 126.8, and I had a steak day two days ago. I just put the weight right back on. I tried to adjust my LDW to 124 thinking that would help, but that just makes me creep even higher. I’m doing another steak day today. I have done an egg day, high protein days and a chicken day, and I always manage to gain the weight back.

    Is it my protein-carb-fat ratio? Is it the number of calories? What am I doing wrong? I take probriotics, digestive enzymes, acetyil caretine (sp?), potassium and a lactaid. I drink braggs ACV to try and help. I drink coffee with 2 tbsp heavy whipping cream, and I try to include as many good fats as I can: coconut oil, olive oil, avocados. I love cheese but try to limit it, and I eat a lot of lean protein throughout the day.

    Should I do another round? Should I keep on P3 forever? I’m so tired of being scared of the scale. By the way, I did a 40 day round and lost 24 lbs. Starting weight was 146.

    Please help! I’m desperate not to gain the weight back!

    • Amanda email me and copy this in so I can give you some tips on stabilizing.

      Shawna Culp

    • I am having similar issues… I feel like if i eat anything but fat & protein i am up 2lbs the next day. I went on vacation (no scale) and had a few glasses of wine over 5 days and 3-4 fresh dates (high sugar)… Got home to 137, a 6 lb gain! I’ve been trying to eat clean, but crave fats now that I’ve let them back into my regiment. Can you share any tips you may have learned?

      • try adding in magnesium and calcium to help with cravings- being up from vacation is normal especially when alcohol is involved. The important step is to correct as soon as you return and give it a full week to detox your body from traveling.

    • I literally am going thru the same exact thing!!!! Same numbers and everything. What worked for u?

  18. Joyceblackford says:

    I have tried most of the ACDs, and love the ones I have tried, but I am confused about the High fat day.
    It sounds like something I would like to try, but I don’t really understand what to substitute for things I don’t like.I don’t have any idea how to make up my own meals.
    I do not like avocado , asparagus, or Greek Yogurt. What can I use as a substitute for them? Can I use dill relish instead of horseradish.
    Great book, and love the recipes in the back

  19. Steven Plantholt says:

    Is it ok to do more than one day in a row?  I started P3 a week ago and already gained 6 lbs back.  If I only do one day, the most I could hope to lose is 2 to 3 lbs.  I could do the ACD that you outlined a week straight if that’s allowed.

  20. Colette_beaulieu5 says:

    What do you suggest is the right weight of percentages: Protein, Fat and Carbs? I am in phase 3 of the HCG Diet and trying to find the right balance. Thank you.

    • Concentrate on calories and proteins.. no sugars and no starch.. the fats and carb % will change with your menu options of proteins and veggies.. when adding in fats check your servings and start out slow. Add in 1-2 Tbs of butter and olive oil everyday which will help your calories by 400

  21. Belinda Maddox says:

    Can I do more than one correction day in a row? I let myself go over by three pounds due to unexpected traveling circumstances. I plan an egg day today but can I try this high fat thing the next day? Will that do more harm than good?

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t think 2 correction day sin a row are good on our systems. If you stabilized well you should be able to eat clean for a few days and it will correct itself.

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