Hair Loss on Protocol

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hCG Causing Hair Loss?

Women and men may discover that they are having hair loss while on the hCG diet.  Here are a few facts about hair loss and hormones.  While this does not happen with everyone, below are some tips to keep this to a minimum.  Your hair texture should return to normal in Phase 4.

Hair loss during and after hCG can be due to hormonal problems.  There is a larger report of hair loss issues on the injection hCG hormone versus oral drops.  An overactive or under active thyroid can cause hair to fall out.  While you are on the hCG diet your thyroid and hormones are going through changes.  We did experience a little hair loss on the drops and a few months post hCG this returned completely to normal.

Here are some tips to reduce the side effects while on the hCG diet.  Remember that your hormones and thyroid are going through many changes.  Nurture your hair doing this time and it should return to normal unless you have other hormone or thyroid issues that are not related to the hCG.

1.  Take biotin

2.  Eat more fish, check out the Phase 2 fish recipes.

3.  Add flax seed, especially in Phase 3 as your hypothalamus is resetting.

4.  Try using Nioxin which helps restore the vitamins needed to the scalp to prevent hair loss or stop it.

5.  Make sure you are getting your B vitamins.

6.  Use shampoos and conditioners that contain biotin and silica.

7.  Avoid over-consumption of salt.

8.  Apple-cider vinegar, applied as a rinse.

9.  One great technique many people use to help their hair grow faster is a scalp massage.

10. Regularly trimming your hair.  Also keeping your hair pulled up causes strain on the hair follicles.

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  1. Thanks for posting this on the hair loss. I am waiting for mine to come back in. I can see my scalp! This was making me very nervous to say the least. I have been on ph4 now for about a month, so I hope it is on it’s way!

  2. Very useful tips are posted. specially about the usage and importance of Vitamins. Waiting for some more tips.

  3. Rre2465 says:

    If a person starts losing hair as a result of the hcg how long does it typically last? weeks, months, years?

  4. Emtunney says:

    I have been off the drops for over two months and have completely stabilized. However, the last few weeks I have been losing a ton of hair. I am very worried. I plan to go see my dermatologist ASAP but is there anything that I can do in the meantime?

  5. I was on the drops and only did one round.  After a few months my hair is falling out by the handfuls!!  Does anyone know more about thyroid in regards to hcg and hair loss?  Maybe I had thyroid problems before I started hcg?   Very scary…just can’t seem to find any concrete answers as to the cause of so many losing hair after being on hcg.

  6. Just found your site … I was on the drops and did two rounds. I’d like to do one more, but I have been on ph4 for two months now, and I am losing handfulls of hair every day. (My “extreme” hair loss started while I was on ph4.) I plan to follow your advice abve. Any other recommendations? Do you think I should I have my thyroid tested?

  7. In Aug. 2011 I started taking the hgc drops (name brand Skinnyup) for 2 1/2 months … I dropped 37 lbs without much effort.  I tried the very restrictive diet for the first two weeks but I got a lil shakey so I decided to alter the diet that came with the drops (I increased the portion amounts by 2, meet portion 6 oz instead of 3oz, and I added foods that were not recommed on the listed foods)  I added canalope, watermelon, grapes, brocolli, squash, and other veggis) I religously refrained from all bread, butter, rice, potatoes, and sugars (basically avoided all things white). 

    All was great until i went off the drops last Nov., when my hair started thinning, after 2 monts of hair thinning…MY HAIR IS NOTICBLY THINNER!!!

    I will try your suggestions (already taking multi vitamin, B12, D3 and biotine for 1 week) I have been wearing my hair pulled back or twisted in hair clip most every day. ( I took my clip out of my hair while I was reading your article)

  8. To those freaking out about the hair loss, it is not permanent. I experienced significant hair loss during P4 for about 3 months, my hair did thin a lot but I gave myself a cute A line hair cut and it has thickened up nicely :) it’s quite a small price to pay for a healthier you. 

  9. I too am experiencing  extreme hair loss after taking the HCG shots.  I did not think this would happen to me as I did not lose hair after having any of my 3 children.  I stopped taking the shots back in October and started to notice severe hair loss during the beginning of December.  It’s now February & I’m losing about 400-500 hairs everytime I wash and blow dry my hair.  This has been devastating to me, as I already had very thin hair to begin with.  I’ve been using the Nioxin and taking biotin for approximately 4 weeks now and I’ve hardly noticed any difference, if any at all.  Every time I shower I am completley traumitzed by the amount of hair loss. I’m just wondering if anyone can tell me how much longer I can expect this to last?  Is there ever going to be a light at the end of the tunnel?   

    • it is typical after losing weight
      tell me about the Nioxin… Do you massage into scalp and let sit for 3 mins or so? Shampoo correct?

      How much Biotin?

      I would take the following

      Borage oil

      and tell me about your menu these days too

      You can email me for help at

    • This is exactly what happened to me and it was so stressful. I even was researching wigs and hairpieces. I started taking all sort of hair supplements and still do. My hair started growing back 3 months later and is still filling in. Nioxin did nothing for me. I think it just takes time to recover. I feel your pain and also counted hairs. My hair got so thin that the weight of a hairband would hurt to keep it in a pony tail. Give it time and try not to be consumed by it even though it’s overwhelming.

  10. Bcspas4u says:

    I experienced a lot of hair loss in P3 after R2 (pharm. strength drops- not homeopathic) the loss slowed and excessive loss stopped. I took lots of supplements. . b-complex, biotin, burdock, fish oil, and kelp. now that I am on R3, P2, – ONLY in week1, my hair loss has started again. I am very worried and would like to start supplementing again to try an prevent massive loss since I am still thinner than usual from R2’s loss. With all of the suggestions etc,  . . which of these things can I actually use WHILE on P2???? 

    • anything except the oils on p2.. If you study out hair loss and pregnancy it shows that we typically will shed after protocol and during p3. Some lose during p2.

      • Bcspas4u says:

        I did not lose any extra hair during R1 or after R1, not during R2 but, after R2, I lost A LOT of hair and even got 5 inches cut off my hair to make it appear fuller. The loss slowed at about week 6  in P3. So I started R3, and I am on day 8 and it’s starting to fall out more and more everyday. . .If it continues to fall out during P2 and then increases in P3, I am afraid I will need a wig!!! So freaking out. Starting supplements for hair loss, adding one at a time to make sure doesn’t affect my weight loss. . . so nervous! 

        • I am in the same boat as you all. I have lost a lot of hair and I am freaking out too!! Since this post 3 months ago is your hair still falling out??

  11. If I use the Biotin shampoo and conditioner, do I still use the apple cider vinegar as a rinse also?

  12. use enough to rinse your hair depending on how much volume that is.. 1 cup etc

  13. I’m going on 8 weeks since P2… I lost 35 lbs and feel much healthier. my family and I completely changed our eating habits but still splurge about once a week. I’m in P4 and have been maintaining my weight. Halfway into P3 I began shedding substantial amounts of hair. I also experienced this type of hair loss after both times I was pregnant. When I started the diet I was one of the lucky few that experienced pregnancy like symptoms for the first week on the protocol. I will start trying some of the tricks above. I have been massaging my scalp for the last week but have yet to see any results. I’m truly hoping that it slows down soon. I can see that my hair is growing back in. It just seems to be thinning out but I am used to having pretty thick hair. I did want to do another round in several months but I’m going to hold off and give myself a longer time in between rounds. I am focusing on maintaining my weight and now that I know that I am prone to hair loss on HCG I can try to prevent it in any future rounds.

  14. hi near the end of my first round of hcg injections and weekly vit b injections my hair began falling out, which was mid june it is august now and I am about to complete my second 6 week round and the hair loss has not stopped despite using nioxin, taking biotin, mvi, hair skin and nail vitamin, using olive oil. rosemary essential oil, vitamin e oil, peppermint oil, aphogee 2 step protein treatment,drinking 3 liters of water a day, using wide tooth comb only washing hair every 3rd day now because my heart breaks every time I see all my beautiful long thick black hair in my drain ): however when I look in the mirror and see myself 65 lbs lighter since april 11th and down from an 18 to a 10 I just reassure myself that it will grow back and there r a lot of beautiful wigs out there if worse comes to worse, unfortunately nothing has stopped or slowed the hair loss and my hair is about 1/2 as thick as it was in april .praying I don’t go bald

    • hair loss and shedding can be caused by rapid weight loss. After you are done most see this return to normal after stabilizing. Keep us posted

  15. fish oil has a lot of calories when your only aloud 500/day and protein shakes as well r very caloric does anybody know if fish oil will absorb if applied to the scalp, thinking of trying that or putting protein shake in my hair if the protein molecules are small enough to penetrate the scalp

  16. I guess only question I have is will my hair grow back?

    • yes- most who experience hair loss due to weight loss of any kind see it return unless there is an underlying condition causing it that is not related

  17. Ivette barnett says:

    Can I use the shampoo Nioxin while in phase 2,

  18. Mini Mimi says:

    I have been taking biotin regularly for about 2 years now and its amazing how much my hair has stopped falling out. I am about to start my HCG diet, can I take biotin while on PH1, PH2, PH3?

  19. I thank God I found this site and was able to read all the ladies comments above…I am devastated at my hair loss and now I know what’s caused it…I’m using the correct shampoo…sounds like I just have to be patient and wait till it stops coming out in clumps…will never use the drops again…must be not right for me. I was so happy to loose my weight….my hair has always meant so much to me.. Thank you for this site, I think I can handle this happening now…

  20. this site has helped me so much!! I too am experiencing tremendous hair loss!! I finished my first round in June,2015. By July my hair was really falling out and my story sounds just like the ones I have read.
    I’m also taking the vitamins suggested and have had blood work done to see if there was anything else that could be causing this, but all was in the normal range.
    My question is, should we wait until our hair stops falling out and re grows before going into another round?? And if we have this tendency to lose hair, will it only get worse with each round??
    I try and not worry about it along with using expensive products and vitamins and following all the rules suggested……but it’s so bad I can’t cover the bald spots any more. I cut my hair short and don’t use any heated items on my hair……I would sure love to hear from someone on this !!!
    Along with the question of how much time should I wait before doing another round??

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