Headache Relief

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Headaches are normal for the first few days of Phase 2 on the hCG diet as the body adjusts to the 500 calorie diet. It is also normal during phase 1 loading due to the extra intake of sugars. While taking hCG it is okay to take aspirin for headaches and other pains.

If you are drinking large amounts of caffeinated beverages (coffee and tea), then be sure to also drink a good amount of water or cut back on the caffeine to avoid dehydration which can cause headaches.  If you take an aspirin be sure to use one that has little or no caffeine.

On the other hand you may be experiencing a headache because your body is craving caffeine.  If you normally drink two cups of coffee but today you skipped them and now have a headache, they try drinking a cup or taking an aspirin that has caffeine.

Many people find that drinking chamomile tea helps keep off headaches and it is best to drink it at the first signs of a headache.  Chamomile tea is available in most stores and can also be found in our marketplace under the Tea and Drinks category.

Additional ways to fight off headaches include taking a warm bath or shower or enjoying a relaxing nap.

Visit the WebMD Headache Center for more information on headache prevention and remedies. 


  1. Are artichoke hearts packed in water ok?

  2. How about artichoke hearts packed in water they have o calories???

  3. Barbara Kenyon says:

    I work outside and have had bouts with skin cancer. I must wear sunscreen, but don’t see anything about it on your website, only lotions. Going without is not an option. Advice?
    Thank you

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