Strawberry Spinach Smoothie

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Carol’s Latest video is the Strawberry Spinach Smoothie.

7-10 frozen strawberries
2 cups raw spinach
1/2 tsp. vanilla or 2 drops pure peppermint extract (optional)
8-10 drops liquid stevia – can also use flavored stevia
1 Tbsp. milk
crushed ice

Blend and enjoy

Here is the blender you see in the video: Ninja



  1. Suejaymes says:

    Hi how many calories is all that. Don’t want to go over the daily 500 cals by adding that and not guessing right the calories. Thanks

    • carolensminger says:

      You need to figure it out – use your 1 fruit and then add as much spinach as you like and stay close to 500. If you go over with spinach it’s totally fine :)

    • It looks like (using my calorie counter) is 93-100 calories.

  2. My kitchen appliances is also stainless steel.   Where did you get that neat blender???

  3. Gaudygirl says:

    For 2 cups of spinach how much does that weigh?  I never know how to measure spinach.

  4. Wittdeb4 says:

    loved it!!!!

  5. Wittdeb4 says:

    loved it!!!

  6. Rosemary says:

    Can we use frozen spinach so it would be icy?  Also any protein powders we can use to make it an all in one meal?

  7. Carol, I’m a little confused as you didn’t clarify; is the spinach used for the smoothie in addition to my other two vegetable allowance for the day – i.e .lunch and dinner? Or do I have to forgo the vegetable at meal time. Eg. Just say I had a spinach and strawberry smoothie for breakfast – 9am. Could I still have my vegetable with my protein at lunch and then again at dinner? It would help me a lot with my hunger issues if I could have the additional spinach with strawberry in a smoothie for breakfast. Thanks for confirming. Katrin (Australia)

    • carolensminger says:

      You do not skip a vegetable at your other meals. I believe in having as many vegetables as you desire as long as you eat your other foods and stay within protocol calories. Green leafy vegetables are the best thing for weight loss, and low in calories, so you can have them as a snack or munch on them throughout the day. Just leave about 30 minutes in between vegetables to give you body a chance to digest before “mixing” in another vegetable. 

  8. Hileigh says:


  9. pattimac says:

    I recently got an ad through the Miracle Skinny Drops email that was promoting a new HCG (with your testimonial) — my belief has been that any HCG purchased across the counter is “homeopathic” and doesn’t work — can you explain this ad to me?  Did you actually authorize it? and the page won’t allow me to go to the “blog” so I went here…

    • Patti

      Not sure of an ad? you can forward that to email
      And I can take a look. Carol and I both used Miracle Skinny Drops formula for our hcg protocol. As far as it being effective we are both more than pleased
      And are still at goal weight 3 years later. You must be confusing the results with hormone free formulas which are just vitamins. MSD drops provide excellent results

      • pattimac says:

        sorry — i actually got the ad through Facebook site — but my question is about over the counter hcg — I’ve been using hcg for about a year and I’m not questioning its success rate — I’m just questioning where to purchase it — i’ve been led to believe that what we get over the counter is homeopathic and I was cautioned against that type in the beginning. 

  10. I really, really like this smoothie. During P2, I use this and sometimes add the 1/2 cup fat-free cottage cheese to make a total meal of it and sometimes a tsp of cocoa.  During P3, I add a couple of scoops of whey powder and up the strawberries. It is great for a quick balanced meal….

  11. Ahelene410 says:

    Does this smoothie count as one of your two meals a day on P2? I don’t want to make this for breakfast, thinking I still have my two proteins and vegetables for lunch and dinner. It sure sounds delicious and I’m thinking it would help with the hunger pangs I wake up with every morning whichs goes on until lunch time.

    Thanks for your help!

  12. SharonFlint says:

    I finally tried this for p2. YUMMY!!! Wish I had a ninja though. My blender doesn’t much like the spinach. Thanks, Carol!!

  13. Judy Hogan says:

    Can you use almond milk instead of cow’s milk? I don’t buy milk anymore. Thanks.

  14. What is the blender o r food processor you are using in video?

  15. I really loved this it was so nice to switch it up too!

  16. I absolutely LOVE this smoothie!! Im day 9 P2 I heard about this smoothie 4 days ago. And now Ive had it everyday since!!

  17. So for this recipe how many calories is it?

    • measure how much of each you add in and calculate the calories :) this varies person to person. Strawberries, 12 large – 72 calories Spinach 7 calories per cup– Enjoy!

  18. can I use sugar in the raw?

  19. can I put my cococnut oil into this drink and still lose weight on P2.??


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