Steak Day on phase 3

If you are in Phase 3 or Phase 4 and you go over the 2 lb mark of you LIW, you must do a steak day that very day. The steak day is more effective when done the day you see the gain. Of course this rule applies only to the morning weight. You should never check your weight during the day, as there may be wide fluctuations and these are merely too alarming and confusing. Steak Day … [Read more...]

Help to get off the holiday weight!

Did you overdo it during the holiday season and now you are up in weight? Are you feeling bloated and tired? Despite our best intentions to stick to a healthy routine during the holidays, most of us end up eating and drinking too much which leaves us to feel sluggish and heavy! We also skip exercising and sleep less which can contribute to a weight gain as well as bloated and sluggish … [Read more...]

Eating Clean vs. Correction Days

How do you know if you should eat clean or do a correction day?   Fairly often we tell individuals who struggle with a gain to "eat clean," but few people understand what we are talking about, so I wanted to do a quick review of when and when not to do a correction day. 1.  If you are in phase 3 and have gone over 2 lbs of the last doseage weight (LDW). Dr. Simeons indicates in Pounds and … [Read more...]

Deviled Eggs with Bacon

Bacon and Deviled Eggs for Phase 3 of the hCG diet.  Try without bacon for the Egg Correction day 4 eggs 1-2 Tbsp. mayonnaise 3 slices (no sugar added) bacon, cooked and crumbled Paprika Cook eggs cook in boiling water until they are hard boiled, approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Drain eggs, and let cool. Once cool, remove the shell, cut the eggs in half lengthwise and scoop out the yolks. … [Read more...]

High Fat Correction Day on P3

This is part 4 of the Alternative Correction Days (ACD) series. I have been testing these myself and logging the results and checking for any consequences in the three day window that follows. I am actually having success with each of these with an average of 1-2 lb loss. The goal is to not vary. If you are doing an egg day then only do eggs. Today we are going to discuss high fat correction … [Read more...]

Correction Day Part 3 "Nut Day"

In this series I am discussing Alternative Correction Days for the hCG diet.  It is important to note that Dr. Simeons recommendation that the correction day be done the day you have more than a +2 pound gain during the Phase 3 stabilization period. Nut day is a different method that has shown a successful 1-2 lb loss.  The nuts must be eaten raw and choose nuts with the highest fat … [Read more...]

Chicken Day on Phase 3

Correction Day Series Part 2: Chicken Day An ex-patient should never gain more than two pounds without immediately correcting this, but it is equally undesirable that more than two lbs. he lost after treatment, because a greater loss is always achieved at the expense of normal fat. Any normal fat that is lost is invariably regained as soon as more food is taken, and it often happens that this … [Read more...]

Egg Day Phase 3

Maintaining your weight is the key ingredient to success with any weight loss program.  We often wonder what triggers a gain and how do we stop it.  Dr Simeons give us a few key points to consider in Pounds and Inches.  You must realize it is a lifetime maintenance and not get complacent in your desire to maintain your hard earned weight loss. An ex-patient should never gain more than two … [Read more...]

Steak and Cheese Day on Phase 3

Information for the Steak and Cheese Day, Steak Day and avoid a Steak Day instructions. STEAK & CHEESE DAY: The person is told to eat two eggs for breakfast and a huge steak for lunch and dinner followed by a large helping of cheese. When this treatment is followed, two lbs. can vanish overnight, the swollen ankles are normal but sleep was disturbed, owing to an extraordinary need to pass … [Read more...]

My Results from the Detox Bath

We have talked about this before, but I want to encourage everyone to try the detox bath. If you think about how much body fat the body is breaking down while on the hCG, it will encourage you to help in the cleansing process. This is why drinking 2 liters of water a day to help the cleansing is so important. It is also important to note that if you drink a lot of caffeine you will need to … [Read more...]