Keep loading weight reasonable?

Is it possible to LOAD too much?  I think so, and discuss tips below to keep it in balance and load well but also healthy. Many get excited when it is time to load for their hcg protocol round.  There is loading and then there is LOADING.  We need to keep in mind the point of loading is to build up fat stores before VLCD begins.  Dr. Simeons says to eat to capacity.  Over the years I seen some … [Read more...]

Avocado Chocolate Pudding

Today is Chocolate Pudding Day! So, mix up a healthy pudding and enjoy it on a nice hot summer afternoon! Avocados are a great healthy fat which makes this a great recipe for both loading and P3. It may sound weird, but it's actually very tasty! Comment below and let me know what you think! Avocado Chocolate Pudding 2 medium avocados, very ripe and soft 1/2 c. coconut milk 1/2 c. Greek … [Read more...]

Loading for the New Year

The new year is here and many will be loading again.  We will have a rerun session on tips for getting started correctly, loading, detox and much more. Loading is key to making this a success for you! Those who do not load correctly experience hunger during the first three to four days of the 500 calorie diet, while those who load correctly report low-to-no hunger.  Make sure you take the hCG … [Read more...]

Headache Relief

Headaches are normal for the first few days of Phase 2 on the hCG diet as the body adjusts to the 500 calorie diet. It is also normal during phase 1 loading due to the extra intake of sugars. While taking hCG it is okay to take aspirin for headaches and other pains. If you are drinking large amounts of caffeinated beverages (coffee and tea), then be sure to also drink a good amount of water or … [Read more...]

Load, Load, Load!!!

The loading process may be bewildering to first time hCGers, but those who are one their second or third rounds know the importance of loading.  Eating as much as you can handle for the first two to three days will help prevent the feeling of hunger in the first few days of the 500 calorie diet. Today is my second day of loading and I have been enjoying lots of delicious foods that are … [Read more...]

Chocolate Shake

Chocolate shake on the hCG diet?  You better believe it. 1/2 C. Greek Yogurt 1 scoop protein powder (I used chocolate) 1 Tbsp organic, no sugar added peanut butter 3/4 C. Almond Milk A few drops of Stevia (I used English Toffee) 1-2 Tbsp heavy whipping cream (optional) Mix together with a blender or Magic Bullet. Refrigerate for a short time and enjoy! … [Read more...]

The Phases of Protocol Explained!

There are four phases to the hCG Diet. Phase 1: Phase one is preparing for the diet.  This is a preparatory phase that is very important but many skip.  We recommend at least reading Pounds and Inches and trying one of the detox methods as you await your shipment.  You can use this time to read Pounds and Inches, do your measurements( check out the myotape) and work on detoxing your body to … [Read more...]

Getting started

We have a guest blogger today.  We welcome any of you who would like to share your story to send it to us via email and we will be happy to post it. Hi everyone, my name is Jacob and I am on day 3 of loading for the hCG diet plan.  So far so good!  This seems like the easiest part of the diet.  I basically just continue with my bad eating habits, throw in some extra junk food and chocolate, and … [Read more...]

Butter Cookies for Loading days …

Loading is so important to do. Those who don’t load correctly have hunger for the first 3-4 days while those who load well report low-to-no hunger. Read more on loading on a recent post. One item that is good to load with is butter but it's hard to get a lot of that into your system unless you load up the butter of veggies or bread (not popular on loading days) so here a way to get butter in! Eat … [Read more...]

Loading Days

For those of you starting the hCG protocol in the new year, here is a few tips on having a successful loading days! It is important that you LOAD, LOAD, LOAD! Loading is key to making this a success for you! It is so important as the loading works with the hCG to prep your body for the changes coming. Those who don’t load correctly have hunger for the first 3-4 days while those who load … [Read more...]