Getting Started


Come Join the Support Group on Facebook.  It is a closed group and private so you will need to request to join Click Here  There is support available there 24/7 just about and you will be able to ask questions and share recipes and get the support needed for a successful round.

Tips for Getting Started Correctly: First and foremost, read Pounds and Inches “cover to cover”! You will have the most success if you follow the original protocol. We don’t think anyone should undertake something like this without first getting their homework done. You will find a lot of forums, etc. where people follow Kevin Trudeau’s guide, but there are a number of things we have found that do not work for everyone, so for the best results we recommend that you follow the original protocol. You may need to try different dosages to see what works best for your body. Start at 10 drops, three times a day and increase to 20 drops, three times a day after you begin the low calorie diet.  The average person does best at 20 drops 3 times per day. The maximum dosage is 96 drops total per day.  Here is an example day of when to take the drops (Click Here)

How to take the drops:

During load you will want to let your body adjust to the drops in your system.  Load by taking 10 drops 3x a day for the first 48 hours.  Place the drops under the tongue and hold for 2-3 minutes and swallow.  Do not eat or drink anything for 10 minutes before or after.  On your last load day you will need to increase the drops to 1/2 dropper 3x a day.  This dose may need to be increased as needed for hunger to 1/2 dropper 4x a day.  If you need any help with dosing or have questions please email

Dr. Simeons states that the first three days are “ineffective” and that you will need to start your weight chart from the 4th day.

“We distinguish between the first three injections (doses), which we call ‘non-effective’ as far as the loss of weight is concerned, and the subsequent injections given while the patient is dieting, which we call “effective”. The average loss of weight is calculated on the number of effective injections and from the weight reached on the day of the third injections (dose) which may he well above what it was two days earlier when the first injection as given.”

Essential Links for protocol:

 Here are the links you will need for the plan:

1.  Pounds and Inches:

2.  Complete Phase 2 book:

3. Calorie Counter: Download PDF Printable

4. Shopping List:

5.Other helpful info and links:

Before you begin:

We recommend that you give your body a little cleansing prior to starting the diet, especially if it is your first time and you have been eating carbs, sugars and other processed foods.

Load, Load, Load!

Loading is key to making this a success for you! Those who do not load correctly experience hunger during the first three to four days of the low calorie diet, while those who load correctly report low-to-no hunger.  Make sure you take the drops on loading days.  According to Dr. Simeons it takes 3 days before the abnormal fat is available for fuel for the body.  This is why we recommend loading 3 days.  Dr Simeons also states in Pounds and Inches if you have been on a restrictive diet prior to protocol you may need to load for a full week.   The loading works to prepare your fat stores for protocol.  Begin taking the drops at 10 drops, three times a day during loading and then increase as needed up to 96 total per day. Dr. Simeons’ Protocol states to ‘eat to capacity’ for those first 2-3 days. If you experience a gain while loading, do not be concerned this is lost within the first few days.  Consume foods high in fat (Click here for a list). Eat as much fatty foods as you can like avocados, almond butter, and olive oil.  Drizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sesame Oil, Coconut Oil on everything! Eat bacon, sausage, pepperoni, and load lots of butter on veggies. Eat ice cream, real whip cream, chocolates, french fries, loaded baked potato, pizza, cream, cheese, etc. You get the idea!   Load to capacity. 


It just takes away precious losing time. You may not see the affects of cheating the next morning when you step on the scale, however, you will see it show on the scale for up to 3 days and some have reported that it can take up to a week of no weight loss for just one cheat.


There is alot of talk about whether or not to eat grissini or Melba toast. We believe that it was in the original protocol for a reason and therefore should not be eliminated. Many have the opinion that if you avoid these carbs in P2, you will have trouble tolerating them in P3 and P4. You can remove it if you stall, but most do not see a difference and miss the crunchy snack. Where do I find Grissini? You can find it at most health-based grocery stores such as Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Safeway. You can also order it online. Don’t be concerned that they have EVOO in them. They had it when Dr. Simeons developed the protocol.  We also have a recipe on our website if you would like to make it yourself. (Click here for make your own recipe)

Sugar Substitutes

Use Stevia for sweetening. We strongly recommend not using Splenda and other artificial sweeteners (Click here for more info on artificial sweeteners)  For further explanation of this, please visit our website(Click Here).


You may periodically struggle with hunger, however most people do not.  The typical time to see hunger issues is when hormones are fluctuating.   Adding in an egg or three egg whites will usually help.  Follow the TOM tips during your pms and period time (Click Here).   Some people experience hunger in the beginning due to detox from a high carb and sugar diet.  This usually will wane after 3-4 days.  Drinks lots of water, tea and add an egg if needed to help with the detox process.  Others reasons for hunger is a result of not properly loading. If you are hungry then increase your water or tea intake.  Always listen to your body.  If you are hungry eating more protein will help.  Fill out the help form and we will go over your menu (Click here for the help form).  Your body will confuse dehydration for hunger so drinking liquids usually solves the issue. Adding caffeine (i.e. coffee and teas that are not decaffeinated) will cause a dehydration effect, so always follow up with water. Don’t forget to drink at least two liters daily and more if you have caffeine beverages. You need to drink 8oz of water for every caffeine drink in addition to your normal eight glasses a day.

Dry Skin

There are a few things you can do for dry skin. Dr Simeons suggests the use of mineral oil for dry skin.  This works well when applied right after a bath or shower. Cornhuskers lotion is also good and can be found at Walmart.  Na-PCA is a spray with Aloe Vera and is made from the natural moisturizing factor found in our skin. You can find Na-PCA spray at Whole Foods or Google it for online suppliers. Make sure you check all of your cosmetics for fats and oils because there could be hidden surprises. (Click here for information on Na-PCA).  Also check out Carol’s skin website for other great tips for skincare while on protocol (Click Here)

Detox Baths

Detox baths are a good way to start your journey. It is recommended to cleanse and detox before loading. You can also do this throughout the protocol. Pour 1 lb. of Epsom Salt into a very warm bath with 1 lb. baking soda (Arm & Hammer). Soak in tub of warm/hot water – as warm as can take water for at least 20 minutes. Do not shower off until next day. You may feel light headed, dizzy, weak and completely drained after a detox bath (which is a symptom of weak adrenals), so doing it around bedtime is a good idea. Epsom Salt “detoxes” your body by drawing out the toxins and replenishing nutrients that your body needs and it can make the skin feel nice and soft. Baking soda increases CO2 levels in the blood, which dilates blood vessels and increases circulation, causing a “tired” feeling.  It is sort of like “chemical exercise”.  The magnesium and bicarbonate are getting flooded with minerals and nutrients. Magnesium is a natural mild sedative and is great inside and out for reducing muscle spasms and strains. Sometimes taking fresh squeezed orange juice with a little sea salt and sip during the bath can help this. You can also add a handful of dead sea salts, which will give minerals and micro-nutrients that will feed and improve the skin. Take advantage of the relaxation to get a good night’s sleep.  (Click here to view video on detox bath)

We welcome you to join the online community on the Miracle Skinny Drops blog and on the Facebook page.  Having a strong support group will greatly increase your success in countless ways.  Visit the blog and sign up for email updates  for recipes, tips, and the download page for any of the links mentioned above.

Thank You!
Miracle Skinny Drops Team