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It is the love of food and the blessings of life that inspired us to share these blends. In our careful blending process no gluten, MSG, starch, corn, soy, dairy or sugar is ever added. Special seasonings and spices are carefully created to enhance the flavor of meats and seafood…from flavorful pork and savory beef to delicious chicken and sensational seafood; spice up your next healthy meal.

Lemon N’ Pepper-(can substitute upon request) Is the perfect spice for seafood and salads.  It is by far a favorite with it’s a unique and fun flavors; don’t be surprised if it finds a place on your table, (we sprinkle it on everything in place of salt.) It’s great on cottage cheese, steak, chicken, not to mention all kinds of fish and seafood! It makes an outstanding blackened style citrus fish. Enjoy!

Three Amigos Mexican Blend– Now you can make all the wonderfully delicious Mexican dishes your family loves, from tacos to enchiladas and feel good about it. Our blend of Mexican seasoning is full of flavor without being hot so everyone can enjoy it. Like all of our blends, it’s made without those mysterious ingredients that most of us can’t even pronounce! A great value for the quality you receive!
Signature Blend– By far our most popular blend. This blend will add wonderful notes of deep, savory flavor to all your cooking. Amazing on beef steaks, fish, salmon and even eggs.   This blend is great for cooking indoors our out.  A true all around blend that will make your meals a tasty pleasure! It can be used in marinades, as a dry rub or, simply added to meat.

Sassy Vinaigrette- This popular spice blend is used in almost all of our dressing recipes.  The spices blended with Apple Cider Vinegar, MCT oil and stevia is a treat you will not want to miss.  See Carol’s spices video or the Phase 2 book for recipes.

Heavenly Ranch– Never miss your old ranch dressing again.  The Heavenly Ranch spice is the perfect healthy replacement.  Sprinkle right on your food or mix as directed with Greek Yogurt, cottage cheese or buttermilk in phase 3.

View this video from Carol on recipes and review of all the spices: http://littlechoicesmatter.com/2011/10/03/carols-review-of-the-new-spices-and-dressings/

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